One Shot Train

François Sarhan does not limit his artistic self-image to the musical score alone. His composing includes the choice of subject matter, the writing of texts and the visual design of the production. Sarhan’s music-theatrical works are unpolished and homemade, the performances relaxed and informal. But everything is precisely planned. The result is humorous, crazy, a surreal world where anything is possible.


Created in close collaboration with the Eunoia Quintet, “One Shot Train” is a concert installation that deals with the respective location and its history.

For the public, the special feature of the course is that it is guided by an audio guide. Everyone is given a headset, through which they receive fictitious information or instructions for walking through the course.

Performances have already taken place at the Badischer Bahnhof Basel (Zeiträume Festival), the echoraum Wien (Wien Modern) and the Villa Elisabeth (BAM! Berlin Festival for Contemporary Music Theatre).

In March 2020 another version of the piece will be performed at the Festival Scène nationale d’Orléans.

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