[juːˈnɔɪ.ə] – The concert series

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Ensemble of the Season 2013/2014
Gare du Nord, Basel

The concert series [juːˈnɔɪ.ə] consists of six concert programmes.

We are commissioning several new works (ten thus far) from both established and young composers in Switzerland and beyond. Each composer has the task of exploring one of the vowels: E-U-O-I-A. In total, we will play one concert per vowel and a final concert that brings all of the vowel commissions together.

The composers, and their chosen vowels are as follows:
Isabel Mundry and Aziza Sadikova will write on ‘O’
Erik Oña ‘E’
Mike Svoboda, ‘I’
Balz Trümpy ‘U’
Sidney Corbett ‘A’

In addition, the composers Leonado Idrobo, Ian Wilson and Kevin Juillerat will also write new works and, for the sixth concert, Roland Moser is conceiving a new piece based on 12 different vowel sounds.

The composers have no set rules to follow; the commissions can be connected to the vowels in any way, through text, sound or performative means. The influential book Eunoia by Christian Bök could be a means of inspiration: each of the book’s five chapters uses words with only one vowel. As the book develops, each vowel establishes a distinct personality and timbral identity.

The commissions will constitute the main work in each concert and other works will be programmed around them. Similarly to Bök, we will search for a timbral identity that defines the vowels from one concert to the next. Thereby, we hope to create a dramaturgy that spans the six concerts. We invite the audience to share this journey with us!

We thank our sponsors:

Tharice Foundation

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