Anniversary ! 10 Years Eunoia Quintet! – “It is said” – with premieres by Stephen Menotti and LAUTESkollektiv

The Eunoia Quintet turns 10 years old!

We would like to celebrate this with you!

The idea of an elevator can literally be experienced in the premiere of LAUTESkollektiv: the continuous movement, the limited time period and the focus that a ride of the elevator brings. Shared experiences, spaces for performance, for snapshots of sound await the audience.

The limitation, the concentration and the condensation can also be found in the language, the word or the single vowel of the texts by Christian Bök, author of the book “Eunoia”. With Christian Bök, the Eunoia Quintet has conceived the concert evening in advance.

In the premiere of Stephen Menotti, their trombonist, who literally tailors his piece to them, he draws from the fund of the last years full of common experiences.
As a special treat, they will also present new pieces that have emerged from the ensemble. Small interludes from his own pen. Snapshots – like rides in an elevator.


Johanna Greulich (*1982) „Voile“ Interlude
Kevin Juillerat (*1987) „Study on phonetics“ (2014)
Louisa Marxen (*1982) Interlude
LAUTESkollektiv, Stephanie Haensler (*1986) „auf und ab“
Ellen Fallowfield (*1981) Interlude
Camille Kerger (*1956) „Obsessions“ (2016)
Clemens Hund-Göschel (*1983) „“ Interlude
Stephen Menotti (*1987) „And Sometimes (Sylphs Fly)“


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20:00 - 21:30


Gare du Nord, Basel

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