Current Projects

February / March 2022

10. Februar 2022 Philharmonie Luxembourg (LU)
4. März 2022 Flute Trend Atelier, Niederrohrdorf (CH)
6. März 2022 Gare du Nord, Basel (CH)
15. März 2022 CFMI, Sélestat (F)

Spectacular concerts with pieces and premieres that use electronics

With music by Helga Arias, Carola Bauckholt, Santiago Diez-Fischer, Andreas Eduardo Frank, Alvin Lucier, Abril Padilla and Simon Steen-Andersen.

10 years Eunoia Quintet!


Concert with Christian Bök, the author of the book "Eunoia" and LAUTESKollektiv
Gare du Nord, Basel

November 2022

We are currently planning the tour


Musictheatre by Chikako Morishita